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Install a steel roof on your home from one of our members and you could qualify for our rebate

Welcome to the Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute's website dedicated to residential steel roofing. The CSSBI is Canada's authority on sheet steel, its products, and its many applications. We are an industry association responsible for the development and dissemination of industry standards. A source for technical information and resources, we provide expert guidance to the general public and sheet steel manufacturers alike.

CSSBI Members are Canadian companies committed to producing only the highest quality roofing products that will protect your home and look great for decades to come.

The benefits of buying residential steel roofing manufactured by a CSSBI Member Company are:

  1. You are purchasing a Canadian-manufactured roofing material, and
  2. The CSSBI requires all products produced by our members to meet minimum requirements for grade of steel, thickness, metallic coating and paint performance so you are guaranteed to get a quality product.

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Submit your contact information to be connected with a steel roofing contractor in your area and we will email you a mail-in rebate up to $500 that can be applied towards the purchase of a steel roof for your home.

CSSBI members may use the contact information you provide to respond to your request for information about steel roofing products and services.

* While our members (the manufacturers) try to recommend the best contractors and installers for their products, our members do not guarantee the workmanship or installation of their products done by contractors and/or installers. Each of our members has recommended installation instructions and it is the responsibility of the contractors and installers to follow those instructions. Any disputes regarding installation need to be addressed with the installer or contractor and do not involve our members.

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