Steel roofing canada hail on steel roof

Hail Resistance

Steel roofing is a resilient material that can resist hail damage.

Steel roofing canada hail on steel roof

Homes take the worst beating from hail, especially roofs. To protect homes from damage and the increasing threat of hailstorms, experts say that choosing more resilient materials is essential. In studies conducted by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS), while all roof types can sustain some cosmetic damage depending on hailstorm severity, steel roofing performed best and was much less likely to puncture as compared to asphalt, withstanding even golf ball-sized hail stones without compromising performance.

Damage to asphalt roofs from hail also can be difficult to detect. A weakness, crack or penetration in a roof caused by hail may allow water to intrude and damage a home’s interior before a homeowner even realizes there may be a problem, making a costly problem that much more expensive to fix or repair.

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